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      Women write their own story every day, this is made by the process of acknowledge and honor the women in their lineage, whose courage and braveness has forged a path with strength and freedom Raíz Mestiza started 3 years ago with the admiration of a son to his mother and the desire to honor the strength of the contemporary women roots, finding as a mean a hand-made bag, in which’s interior you find the energy and the lessons of our ancestors.

      How are our bags made?

      In Raíz Mestiza we create a work of art made bag: beautiful, practical, comfortable and full of wisdom. All of our bags are hand-made with wicker and seaweed, natural fibers used by artisanal women, whom with their wise and kind hands make the Raíz Mestiza’s basket come alive. The basket protection is made from a leather design, that allows it to embrace and preserve it. Is an arduous process where every leather cover is made to fit each basket, just as the cotton and leather interior cover. Ensuring maximum protection.  

      Materiales / Materials

      ·         Mimbre / Wicker

      ·         Alga marina / Seaweed

      ·         Piel bobina / Coil Skin

      ·         Herrajes / Bag Hardware

      ·         Loneta de algodón. / Cotton Canvas